Wanting to Rent

With the volume of investment in property in Dubai, there is always a strong demand for good tenants. However if you do not know Dubai very well, how do you know what is a good property to rent, whether it is commercial or residential? Do you understand how the city is changing, how areas change in popularity or where new development is going to take place? Do you know who are reputable landlords and which should be given a wide berth?

Knowledge is everything, closely followed by experience, and at Nadia Properties we have been acquiring both in abundance over the last ten years. Today we have two hugely successful letting departments, one dealing solely in commercial property, and the other in residential. They are totally different markets, but not all the clients are different. However, as a prospective tenant, we have an invaluable asset that will ensure you end up renting the perfect premises.

We know most of the landlords, and we ensure we foster great relations with the good ones. Our reputation rests on providing good landlords and investors with reliable and trustworthy tenants, so it is important that everyone gets what they want.

At Nadia Properties and as a tenant:

  • We can get you access to a wide variety of property to rent, both commercial and residential
  • We can source property which is not openly available
  • We can keep you advised on properties in specific locations only
  • We can make recommendations to existing landlords and investors looking for tenants
  • We can guide you through all the requirements necessary for renting property in Dubai
  • Whether local or from overseas, we will keep in regular contact with you
  • You will always have a regular point of contact.

If you are unsure about renting any type of property in Dubai, why not call into our office for an informal discussion. We will be more than happy to help you in any way we can.

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