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Property has always been seen as a good mid-to-long-term investment for two reasons, after all, what better investment is there than one which gives you a regular financial return and an increase in capital invested?

However your investment needs maximizing, either through obtaining premium rental income if you are looking for a tenant, or achieving maximum resale value if you are looking to cash in on your investment. Whether it is commercial or residential property, the same rule applies.

Property values in Dubai are high and substantial sums of money are involved. Consequently, the need for an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent is of primary importance. We can easily tell you we have all the qualifications you should expect, but in truth we would prefer to invite you to meet us so we can discuss your requirements face to face. We deal with people first and property second – the personal touch is what our reputation has been built on.

With Nadia Properties you can expect:

  • Access to a well-established data bank of wealthy investors and reliable tenants
  • An in-depth analysis of market trends which establish realistic financial values
  • A full breakdown of a proposed marketing strategy geared specifically to your property
  • Regular and comprehensive communication keeping you fully up to date
  • Highly experienced members of a very skilled team
  • Continuity of point of contact
  • Trust

If you’re still not sure Nadia Properties are right for you, come and meet us before you make up your mind.