The secret to a good investment is being in the right place at the right time. This applies particularly to property. However a good investment does not depend solely on a price paid and a good profit on resale. Where property is concerned, a good investment is one where maximum potential return is achieved not just at the end of ownership, but during the period of investment too.

At Nadia Properties we recognise the importance of knowledge. Effective and powerful knowledge does not rest solely on knowing about property, it rests on knowing people too. Successful investment advice comes from knowing past, present and expected future market trends. It also comes from both knowing and understanding the needs of investors and tenants in both commercial and residential sectors of the property market.

Powerful information comes only from knowing the right people and having the right contacts. At Nadia Properties we have spent over ten years establishing a reliable and trustworthy network of contacts who enable us to keep one step ahead of the market for our investment clients.

With Nadia Properties, as an investor you can expect:

  • Access to a wide range of property, including off plan, before appearing on the open market
  • Introduction to investments ranging from individual units to complete buildings
  • Constant communication to allow us to keep up to speed with your requirements
  • Regular property market updates enabling you to evaluate the status of your investments
  • Introduction to quality tenants with impeccable references
  • Professional advice for both residential and commercial investing
  • Expert knowledge for both local and overseas investors
  • Continuity of point of contact
  • Trust

If you’re unsure whether or not Nadia Properties can satisfy your investment needs, come and meet us before you make up your mind. We are a people firm and making good contacts is the key to successful investing.

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