Buying a home for yourself

Property in Dubai is usually sold to two types of buyers. Investors who are happy to let out their property to tenants, and owner occupiers who want the property for their own personal use. This applies equally to both commercial as well as residential property. At Nadia Properties we have an extensive database of both commercial and residential property in a price range to suit every budget. Whether you are looking to buy a small apartment for business stopovers, getting a foot in the property ladder or as a vacation home, there is plenty to choose from, both existing and planned.

If you are new to Dubai we are more than happy to guide you through areas and locations we consider appropriate for the nature of your purchase. We understand the benefits of a prime retail location as much as we do the peacefulness of a residential haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. We know how to listen and then advise on how we can help you, rather than the other way round.

At Nadia Properties we have an exceptional range of top quality commercial and residential properties on our books, but we also have something else we are proud to offer. Knowledge. We not only have an expert knowledge on all the properties we have for sale in Dubai, but we know about every other property that is for sale too. Add to that our extensive network of contacts and we can even find out when properties that are not currently for sale will be coming on to the market. The property market in Dubai is constantly moving, and having up-to-date information is essential if you are going to make a successful purchase.

At Nadia Properties you can expect:

  • Regular communication regarding property which may be of interest to you
  • Personal attention whether you are locally based or coming in from abroad
  • Notification of off-plan future developments
  • Guidance through all the legalities involved in buying a property in Dubai
  • Regular updates throughout the purchase of a property
  • Continuity of point of contact
  • Trust

If you are just beginning your search for a property in Dubai, make sure you come in and see us. If a property is for sale, and sometimes even when it is not, we can acquire it for you if it is not already on our books.

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